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Zenith Healthcare have a proven track record of providing personal care to individuals or large care homes, with our care agency based in Radcliffe.


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Respite Care

Everyone needs a break from time to time – carers most of all – to see family, take a holiday, or even simply to relax for a few weeks.  more  


Isolation and loneliness are among the biggest untold issues facing our society today and this is especially true of people who are not able to access the community, for one reason...  more  


If you know of a loved one or another vulnerable adult in need of support throughout the night, we are here to provide this service.  more  

Waking Nights

If you or a loved one require waking service, throughout the night, then our care agency based in Radcliffe can provide it for you.  more  


A simple service that keeps fridges stocked with the groceries your loved one likes best.  more  

Housework and Laundry

We can take care of such day-to-day tasks as the housework and laundry – cleaning and tidying their environment, doing the washing up and ensuring that their home is a place they’r...  more  

Light Meal Preparation

Meals can be freshly made by our support staff or heated from a prepared dish.   more  


One of the most important services a carer can offer to a person in need is companionship.  more  

Personal Care

The team comprising our dedicated care agency based in Radcliffe are both willing and able to assist your loved one with personal care.   more  

Administration of Medication

At Zenith Healthcare, we can provide assistance for people 18 years of age and older who are in need of support taking their medication.   more