Moving and Handling Training in Radcliffe

This moving and handling training course has been designed specifically for Care and Support workers. The course equips them with the skills and techniques they’ll need to effectively support those in their care. Physical disabilities are many and diverse and each requires a different approach in order to maximise the comfort of the person in care. Thanks to our care agency based in Radcliffe, this course is administered by field experts with substantial experience – almost three decades between them, in fact. With CQC-accreditation, the course exceeds its mandate, going well beyond what is expected of a course of this nature.

During this course, participants will learn to:

  • Define the term manual handling.
  • Describe the key terms in relation to assisting, positioning, and moving individuals.
  • Describe the current legislation.
  • Identify agreed ways of working.
  • List a range of items of manual handling equipment and their uses.
  • Explain the importance of keeping up to date on current techniques, equipment and legislation.
  • Describe the basic anatomy of the human body, including the structure of the spine.
  • Describe potential injuries to the individual from failing to follow approved techniques.
  • Describe potential injuries to the worker from failing to follow approved techniques.
  • Describe the potential legal consequences of injuries to the individual.
  • Describe responsibilities of a worker’s own role.
  • Identify the limitations of a worker’s own role.
  • Describe the role of others.
  • Describe when advice or assistance should be sought.
  • Describe why preparatory checks are necessary.
  • Describe the difference between formal and informal risk assessments.
  • Describe the steps that should be taken to ensure dignity.
  • Describe how the environment can be a barrier.
  • Describe ways to overcome environmental barriers.
  • Describe why it is important to communicate with service users when moving and handling.


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